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Give it as a gift or use it to enhance your self care practices!

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Dual Crossroads

South Pasadena, CA

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For private sessions and customized group sessions





With the help of Hypnotherapy, you could awaken your innate abilities to 

Explore & Discover the Spiritual aspects of


life & of yourself


Control/Change Habits


Control Weight


Manage Pain

Relieve Stress & Anxiety


Overcome Fears & Phobias

Forgive & increase happiness

Retrieve & or Gain


wisdom, talents & abilities   


from your past experiences.


Free yourself of the negative

affects from past events.


Improve Sleep

Stop or Reduce Smoking

Gain Confidence 

Experience Freedom from sexual dysfunction

Increase Motivation 

Improve your health


  Much More…

Spiritual Hypnotherapy



Past Life Regression Hypnosis


With Spiritual hypnosis, get in touch with the spiritual aspects of yourself, connect with your spirit guides, spirit group, council, angels, god, & the universe(s). Explore your spiritual existence & purpose.


Exploring past life memories can have many benefits for your spiritual growth & or personal development. The important thing to realize about Past Life Regression is that it’s not important to believe in past lives for the experience to be beneficial. Whether or not past life memories are Fantasy or Metaphor, Soul Taping, Actual Soul Memories (Reincarnation), Universal Consciousness, Genetic Memory or something else, many people have reported valuable current life insights can be gained from them. People of varying beliefs have equally benefited from past life regression experiences.


Massage Therapy
I have 20 years of experience & each session is customized for you.

A brief phone consultation is required before meeting in person. Book this before or in conjunction with your initial session, at least 24hrs before.
Free phone consultation
20 min
Schedule 2hours for your first appointment or when you have a complex issue or goal.
Hypnotherapy or Massage Session 2hours
2 hr
Experience the benefits of a 90min Massage or Hypnotherapy session and feel better much faster!
Hypnotherapy or Massage Session 1.5hours
1 hr 30 min
Plenty of things can trigger a stress response. You can create an instant stress relief trigger to easily stay calm in once difficult situations with hypnotherapy. Or cho...
Basic Stress Relief Hypnosis or Massage
1 hr