With the help of Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Practice, Meditation & Insight, Awaken your innate ability to go within


Explore & Discover the


Spiritual aspects of


life & of yourself



Control&Change Habits


Control Weight



Tame Pain

Relieve Stress & Anxiety


Overcome Fears & Phobias


Forgive & Accept


Increase Happiness

Gain Confidence 


Experience Freedom from sexual dysfunction

Retrieve & or Gain


wisdom, talents & abilities   


from your past experiences.


Free yourself of the negative

affects from past events.


Improve Sleep

Stop or Reduce Smoking


Increase or switch Motivations

Improve your health


  Much More…


Massage Therapy

Lets go virtual together!

I have 21 years experience & each session is customized for you.  Schedule a guided self massage session with me on Zoom.


It's a lot like following along with a yoga instructor. I teach you how to mindfully relieve your own discomforts with self massage, stretching, strengthening & introspection.


Your body talks! Learn how to listen

to your body talk, give yourself the gift

of self awareness & the power

to change the

way you feel




All you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone, a solid internet connection, headphones with a long cord or wireless (preferred) & space to sit or lie down

where you can be comfortable & where you can

move around some (like with yoga)

when doing guided massage or stretching.

A brief Free consultation is required before your first paid session. Book this before or in conjunction with your initial session, at least 24hrs before. Please indicate...
Free consultation
20 min

A Free Phone Consultation is required before your first session with me. 


Call or Text to check availability & to schedule your next appointments. When requesting  appointments, please include your preferred dates & times

& please share how

you found me. 




For private sessions & customized group sessions  Zoom or Phone