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Body Wisdom


Are Powerful Subconscious Messages 
Metaphors are figures of speech that are often used in our communication with other people & as internal dialogue (thoughts). Your subconscious mind takes them literally. My 19 years as a Massage & SomatoEmotional Release Therapist, has proven to me, hands down, that our thoughts & emotions are expressed by our bodies. Your body is wise & it's talking to you. Spend some time thinking about how some of the metaphors below might be expressed by your body. 

 He's a pain in the neck (or much lower) • She gets under my skin • I wish he'd get out of my hair

 That just burns me up • I must sit tight for a while

 I just have to hang in there • It's too hard to swallow

 That just bugs the crap out of me • I will breathe easier when this is over 

They (it) just rub(s) me the wrong way • He gets on my nerves • My nerves are frayed 

 I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders

 It breaks my heart • It's killing me • I don't have a leg to stand on

 I have to get something off my chest • This is too hard to look at

 My fuzzy old brain just can't understand this

I'm going to have to cough up a lot of cash

 I've had a bitter taste of reality

I can't seem to get a breather

 I'm going to give it all I've got

The important lesson to be learned by examining these metaphors and others, is to understand that when our bodies are expressing dis-ease, it is important to change the way we perceive, feel & think. Because our subconscious programming is a million times more powerful than willpower, for changes to be integrated quickly & successfully, we must change from within, on a subconscious level. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective, direct routs to access & positively change our subconscious programming & therefore, the way we feel & express ourselves. I have spent 19 years working with the body to effect change & transform trauma & emotional discord. Through personal experience & exploration, hypnotherapy has become my favored way to quickly & thoroughly effect positive change on all levels, Mind, Body & Spirit.


  EveryBody benefits from

 RnR Within

Some hypnotherapy requires a medical and/or psychological referral. I'm not a Psychotherapist, Psychologist, or a Medical Doctor.

I'm authorized & trained to help you achieve your personal, professional

& self-improvement goals.

When you're interested in learning more about the ways your body speaks to you, how it tells your story, & the emotions which may cause or contribute to your physical symptoms, read this page: Causes of symptoms according to Luise Hay.

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