My personal experience with past lives, life between lives, & spirituality.

Exploring past life memories can have many benefits for your spiritual growth & or personal development. The important thing to realize about Past Life Regression is that it’s not important to believe in past lives for the experience to be beneficial. Whether or not past life memories are Fantasy or Metaphor, Soul Taping, Actual Soul Memories (Reincarnation), Universal Consciousness, Genetic Memory or something else, many people have reported valuable current life insights can be gained from them. People of varying beliefs have equally benefited from past life regression experiences.

I began having past life recall at a very young age through recurring dreams & flashbacks. I simply, deeply, understood these dreams & flashbacks to be memories of past lives. When I was a kid & someone told me their age, I was often embarrassed by my automated response, frequently asking without pause, "how many times have you been this age?" and when I was told their name I would often automatically ask "Have you ever been called that before?", I frequently got weird looks & sometimes an open-minded answer.


Everybody goes in and out of hypnotic states regularly throughout the day as we drive, watch TV, feel things deeply & reminisce. Anytime we are in a state of high emotion or totally focused on something, we are in a state of hypnosis. Until the age of seven, we are all in a hypnagogic developmental stage, characterized by a low alpha & theta brainwave state. You enter the same brainwave state during hypnosis. Because of this many children have access to past life memories & simply later forget them the way that dreams are often forgotten. Whenever we are in a deep hypnotic state, we have the ability to access our divine consciousness, soul memories, past life memories & current life experiences. What has been forgotten can be remembered & brought to conscious awareness.


I have always consciously maintained my belief in the immortality of the soul. This belief is rooted in my memory of my early near death experience. When I was three years old, my older sister pushed me into the deep end of the pool because she was sure she had done a great job at teaching me how to swim.  I had not yet learned enough and almost drowned. As I was drowning, my soul left my body & rose above the scene, where I was enveloped tenderly & completely in a veil of unconditional love & met by one of my spirit guides & one of my council members.  As I watched my mom jump into the pool with all of her clothes on, to save me, my guide & council member were both there to support me in my choice of whether or not to return to this body. I was given the choice to either remain on earth for the duration of my intended lessons in this body or to go home to the spirit world early. Within the space between life & death, enveloped in unconditional love, I almost chose to go home, but they reminded me of my intentions & purpose for choosing this life & so I returned to my body as my mom performed CPR & saved my life. The memory of my near death experience has always been my favorite memory because I felt deeply, completely nurtured & unconditionally loved by my spiritual guides & my mom.


Because of my near death experience, other subsequent out of body experiences & past life memories, I have always felt as though my body is a home, much like a house for my spirit energy, & that earth is a place much like a schoolhouse, where we each can choose to come & learn, to advance our spiritual growth.


Reconnecting with soul memories, guides & council members reconnects us to the freely flowing unconditional love that is inherently here for all of us to tap into & feel. Being enveloped in pure limitless love is incredibly magical & healing. Everyone who wants to, can learn to resonate with this profound realization of love.


Being in the energy of love continually reminds me of the importance of forgiveness (acceptance), of both myself & of others. Living in the light of unconditional love, goes hand in hand with forgiveness (acceptance). To forgive (accept) is to love yourself enough to set yourself free, increasing & intensifying the love you feel for yourself & others. My connection to spirit, my deep belief in the immortality of the soul, my intention to always learn, grow & forgive (accept), is the foundation of my survival throughout the harsh times, the reason I have been able to find & claim the gifts that my experiences offered to me & the catalyst for my own personal & spiritual growth & development.


I share my understandings with you in hopes of awakening awareness from within you of your own, immortal spirit & your ability to tap into the healing feelings of unconditional love & forgiveness (acceptance). Because of my personal experiences & immortal memories, I believe there are many schoolhouses for souls to choose from, here on earth, on other worlds, in other dimensions & in the spiritual realm where we all go between incarnations, our true home. Learn to benefit & grow from your own unique experiences throughout your life & lifetimes. Just like me, you can also connect with your souls' purpose & your true intentions for this lifetime.



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