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Stephanie Carper-Smith CMT., CHt. Certified Massage Therapist CAMTC certificate # 9656 ​ Certified Hypnotherapist IACT registration # 010418-8974 Hypnotherapy Somato Emotional Release Cranio-Sacral Therapy Massage Therapy

Conveniently, I travel to your home or office

& offer

Live Video & Audio Sessions

  Hypnosis sessions can  be done on the phone, zoom, or by listening to recorded guided hypnosis sessions tailored for specific goals & Intentions.

Relax from the comfort & safety of your home or other chosen place.


Live online video sessions & using guided hypnosis recordings

are some of the current &  best ways to become calm & clear headed in difficult circumstances, freeing you to use your energy creatively & wisely while freeing your immune system to function at it's best.  The theta brain wave state is a relaxing & restorative state. Entering into alpha & theta regularly as you do in Hypnosis, Mindfulness practice & Meditation, helps you to achieve a restorative rest & reinvent the way you feel from within. Build resiliance, increase resources,  & improve your general health.

With the help of some focused RnR Within  become more & more balanced in mind, body & spirit. Learn to activate your innate wellbeing responses from the alpha & theta brain wave states entered during hypnosis.


The lyrics from one of the favorite songs of my childhood said, " free your mind & the rest will follow".  Hypnotherapy could help you to discover your own unique balance, to free your mind, body & spirit from negative charges of past experiences. The past cannot be changed, instead change the way you feel. When the mind & spirit are cleared of negative charges energy becomes available to restore the body.  Learn to release what does not serve you & reinvent the way you feel from within.


A brief Free consultation is required before your first paid session. Book this before or in conjunction with your initial session, at least 24hrs before. Please indicate...
Free consultation
20 分



For private sessions & customized group or couples sessions by  Zoom or Phone








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