Stephanie Carper-Smith CMT., CHt. Certified Massage Therapist CAMTC certificate # 9656 ​ Certified Hypnotherapist IACT registration # 010418-8974 Hypnotherapy Somato Emotional Release Cranio-Sacral Therapy Massage Therapy

Conveniently, I offer

Live Video & Audio Sessions

  Hypnotherapy sessions can also be done on the phone, zoom, or by listening to recorded guided hypnosis sessions tailored for specific goals.

Relax from the comfort & safety of your home or other safe place. Stay in the safest environment possible & encourage COVID19 to clear up quickly! No need to leave your safe space for hypnotherapy or guided self massage sessions, it's just as effective virtually as it is in person.


Are you currently avoiding or unable to tap into your usual stress relief tools, activities & other resources such as massages, get togethers, group classes & the gym? 


Scheduling live online video sessions & using guided hypnosis recordings available from the online hypnosis link 

are some of the current &  best ways to become calm & clear headed in this difficult circumstance, freeing you to use your energy creatively & wisely while freeing your immune system to function at it's best.  The theta brain wave state is a relaxing & restorative state. Entering into alpha & theta regularly as you do in Hypnosis, Mindfulness practice & Meditation, helps you to achieve a restorative rest & reinvent the way you feel from within so you are very likely to recover faster, increase prevention & improve your overall holistic health.


With the help of some focused RnR Within, stay or become healthy in mind, body & spirit. Learn to activate your natural healing responses from the alpha & theta brain wave states entered during hypnosis.


The lyrics from one of the favorite songs of my childhood said, " free your mind & the rest will follow".  Hypnotherapy could help you to discover your own unique healing, to free your mind & body from negative charges of past experiences. The past cannot be changed, instead change the way you feel. When the mind is cleared of negative charges energy becomes available to restore the body to it's best possible health.  Learn to release what does not serve you & reinvent the way you feel from within.


A brief Free consultation is required before your first paid session. Book this before or in conjunction with your initial session, at least 24hrs before. Please indicate...
Free consultation
20 min