All of my experiences

have become parts of me 

I discover how to gain access

to the weathered wealth within me

The wealth of wisdom and understandings

gained from my many existences

and interactions 

Nothing is lost

even if not remembered

All is felt and findable and forgivable

and the pieces of my puzzle are assembling 

Everything I have  experienced

are parts of the kaleidoscope of my being

 waiting to be appreciated from another perspective

So I bravely  explore the depths of my subconscious 

to discover what I need to change, lovingly

to release  what no longer serves me, freeingly

to relearn ways of feeling

and expressing,


I discover my perceptions


leading me to transform from within with wisdom

and compassion

I lay claim to every resource

and the best ones I have are

within me

I am always becoming who

I want to be

seeking and assimilating parts

and transforming with an open heart


Stephanie Carper-Smith 

RnR Within





                  RnR Within

You know far more than you know that you know. Enjoy discovering the wonderful range of your own knowledge. 

-Marlene E. Hunter, M.D.



On this Juneteenth


I suggest that everyone delve within themselves & discover if there are any parts of themselves that need an update. We all need to update our subconscious software programs sometimes. Instead of allowing outdated belief systems, systems that may have been imposed on you, to run you, learn how to run an update for your systems of belief and change the way you feel from within. This is the time to transform

and become your best self!


Hint: You can record yourself slowly reading the following mindfulness exercise and play it back for yourself while you sit or lie down in a comfortable place. Or simply read it slowly while you imagine....

Settle into a comfortable safe space, close your eyes (or imagine closing your eyes) and take some deep breaths. Focus on long exhales pausing at the bottom of the exhale for a moment then inhale deeply and exhale deeply again.


Heart rate lowers on the exhale, so completely exhale and feel the calmness settle in within your safe space.


Keep breathing and imagine your favorite place now, imagine being there now. Re-imagine how it feels to be in your favorite place. Use all of your senses to re-experience it thoroughly. Enjoy being in your favorite place.

Take a deep breath and exhale completely feeling completely immersed in those wonderful feelings.


Breathing calmly and freely, bring your focus to your heart center, imagine a kaleidoscope of colorful lights radiating from your heart and encompassing you and the area around you. Imaging the beautiful lights reaching deeply within you and from within you, reaching out, Share your beautiful light with the world around you, letting it grow and expand. Now from within your favorite place within this kaleidoscope of colorful healing light, return your focus to your heart center.


Remember a time in your life when you felt the most loved, felt the most loving and re-experience those feelings now. Take a deep breath breathing into your heart center, Feeling deeply loved, feeling deeply loving. Allow these feeling to reach every part of you, imagine encompassing yourself in a blanket of love, becoming aware of any parts of you that need extra love and offering those parts a place to rest in your open healing heart. Take a moment to scan for any areas of discomfort and focus the light of your love on those areas, becoming aware of what you can change and soothing and transforming those areas with your loving compassionate heart energy.


Now, Imagine yourself as your best self, your dream self. Imagine what it feels like when you feel your best, when you are the most loved and the most loving version of you. Imagine your dream self is there with you in your favorite place encompassed within a kaleidoscope of healing lights.


Ask questions of your dream self, higher self, wiser self. Ask your higher self if there are any belief systems that have been imposed on you, if there are any systems needing to be updated. Ask deep questions of your higher self, update your beliefs with the vast information you have gathered since they were put in place. Realizing that when beliefs and their corresponding behaviors formed,  they may have been based on mirroring of an authority figure, misunderstandings, misperceptions, or limited experiences.


Spend some time coming to understand who you truly are, exploring with your wise self and discover how you can become more open minded, more lighthearted, more compassionate or whatever your wise dream self wants for you, be playful, discover your best self for yourself. Ask your higher self, your wise self to re-educate you,  to help you let go of what no longer serves you and re-invent yourself. 


In whatever creative way inspires you, Imagine integrating with your higher self while you breathe, realizing that you are the light of love, you shine and choose to shine your brightest most brilliant light from your heart to the hearts of everyone you encounter, imagine doing that now, as you realize who you you truly are, and you are love and you are loved. And as you become ready to gently open your eyes again, imagine a rainbow above your head and feel brilliant because you are!



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