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Stress Management

I offer Opportunities for couples to improve communication in relationships both romantic & platonic. Discover learning strategies for any couple of people or partners wanting to improve a relationship. Overcome any embarrassment & find ways forward to better, more intimate & connecting relationships based on strong foundations of true communication. Gain insight & perspective into each other & have bonding experiences based on taking small risks to make small manageable changes, from a sacred place of playfulness & connection, a place of learning, honesty, openness & love

I help you to achieve an introspective, retrospective, observational, creative, focused & healing state of mind, leading to a deep resounding ability to change the way you feel & relate from within. I empower you to achieve relationship & self improvement intentions & goals, Mind Body & Spirit.




After purchase, & when scheduling your first appointment, please email Include your availability & some valuable information & context about your personal & relationship challenges, intentions & goals.

Couples Interactive Stress Management Hypnotherapy Session. Online 2hours

$288  BUY  NOW

• Two-hour sessions are interactive, couples take turns speaking, listening, processing, responding & reciprocating with each exchange.


Couples Guided Stress Management Hypnosis Session. Online 1hour

$144 BUY NOW

 One-hour sessions are internal, silent processes. Couples are guided simultaneously to ask themselves important questions, process insights, gain clarity, new perspectives & prospective.


Couples Spiritual or Past Life Regression Session. Online 2hours

$288  BUY  NOW

• With Spiritual Hypnosis, I invite you to gain spiritual perspectives, sacred insights & learn about your souls journeys. Connect to your higher selves & spiritual purpose.

• With past life regression, you are invited to gain an understanding of your shared past life experiences & learn from past experiences to gain current life & relationship perspective & prospective.

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Online couples stress reduction sessions help couples improve communication by practicing responding & reciprocating instead of reacting.

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