Guided Imagery          


As the client you are  free to & very encouraged to modify what you hear me say or suggest to what you need to see hear or experience. You have the creative license to modify my suggestions to fit your needs. Please always inform any hypnotherapist who works with you if you have any fears or phobias. However, if  someone were to suggested a client  visualize a vast ocean but the client has a phobia of water, that client would most likely open their eyes, & bring themselves out of hypnosis. This is one of the reasons why I ask about phobias and fears before inducing hypnosis or using guided imagery. Maybe the client has no fear of water but finds imagining a field of grass more relaxing. When using guided imagery, I usually ask the client to create their own imagery or use imagery that I have confirmed  feels relaxing to them. I frequently guide clients in creating an inner sanctuary or safe peaceful place within. A  place with  soothing, happy, relaxed, safe,  peaceful & serene feelings. You can learn to activate the feelings felt in your inner sanctuary instantly , whenever you need to feel calm & centered.


           Progressive Relaxation           


Be guided to relax every nerve and muscle in your body. Guided imagery is often woven into progressive relaxation and used with positive suggestions to deepen the relaxation experience.


          Positive Suggestions          


Based on your individual needs & goals, positive suggestions are woven into every session & customized to your specific requests & expressed desires for positive change.



Womb, Current Life & Past Life.  Regression may include regressing to the original cause of a problem in order to heal the emotions connected to the event & all subsequent similar experiences & feelings. Or one can also regress to happy memories & relive joyful moments, building a positive foundation on positive internal resources. Womb regression is often used to connect to past lives or the spiritual self. Regression to the womb can be a session on its own because while in the womb we are often still aware of our spiritual memories & have an awareness of why we have come into this life, our goals & our purpose here in this lifetime. Exploring past life memories can have many benefits for your spiritual growth & or personal development. The important thing to realize about Past Life Regression is that it’s not important to believe in past lives for the experience to be beneficial. Whether or not past life memories are Fantasy or Metaphor, Soul Taping, Actual Soul Memories (Reincarnation), Universal Consciousness, Genetic Memory or something else, many people have reported valuable current life insights can be gained from them.

People of varying beliefs have equally benefited from past life regression experiences.


         Gestalt In Trance        


Be guided to seek an inner resolution to conflicts with others. Sometimes it isn't possible to resolve a conflict with someone else because maybe they are no longer living or they are unable or unwilling to communicate or come to a resolution with you. When it isn't possible to resolve conflict directly with someone,  it's important to resolve the internal conflict from within, to release or forgive yourself & the other person, freeing yourself to move forward untethered, to grow & learn from the experience. 


Parts Therapy

          & Inner Child Work         


It's important to understand that everyone has Parts. A part of you may want to stay in tonight & another part of you may want to go out tonight.  A part of you may want to change a habit but a part of you maybe created it for a good reason & wants to keep it because of the valuable coping strategy it has been. Problems become much more easily solvable when they are understood as being once creative solutions or ingenious coping strategies. Use hypnotherapy to gain valuable insights allowing you to become aware of creative solutions or coping strategies that are more beneficial to you. Let go of old outdated strategies that no longer serve you.  People speak openly about their parts.

Start listening for the phrase "part of me__________...". in conversations.

Parts therapy helps resolve inner conflicts with the different aspects of your self.


         Spiritual Hypnosis         

Have the opportunity to create a deeper connection to your

Spiritual Self,  Wise Self, Inner Guide, Higher Power, Spiritual Family, Guides,  Angels or God. With Spiritual hypnosis, get in touch with the spiritual aspects of yourself, connect with your spirit guides, spirit group, council, angels, god, & the universe(s). Explore your spiritual existence & purpose.


         Client-Centered Hypnosis          


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, I act as a guide, helping my clients enter the hypnotic state & navigate their subconscious. Control remains with the client.  I work within your comfort & requests for the session & help you unlock the power of your own mind. I customize my techniques to meet your needs instead of using the same approach with everyone. The client is the explorer, I act as the guide who employs the proper technique & asks the appropriate non-leading questions to help each client discover the causes & solutions to their own problems. 



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